Age 33
Gender Male
Sexual Preference Gay
Country Switzerland
City Interlaken
Marital Status Single
Smokes ---
Drinks ---
Languages Spoken English


Height 0,0
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Short
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Type ---
Body Hair Hairy
Facial Hair ---
Male Type Wolf
Penis Size ---
Tattoos No
Piercings No


                                                                                           My family, the House of Scipii, are beloved of the gods...  A proud boast, but true all the same. In return we have served Rome, ruled well, led her armies to glory; it has cost us dearly, despite the love of the gods. Sometimes the hatred of men is stronger. Our dead lie in many graves, put there by Carthaginian swords...and a few Greek ones. Even Roman blades have taken Scipii lives; that, we do not forget, or forgive. So, now our time has come. The spirits of the dead cry out for blood. I will lead our family in this undertaking. The gods will grant us vengeance. When Sicily is Roman, when Carthage is crushed, when the other Roman families are gone, when the world is mine...then I will stand before the gods and be worthy of their love. And worthy to rule Rome! Sometimes sailing with crew!